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Fascinated by technology,
we identify your needs and match them with what is most modern in the market.

Always aiming for usability and cost benefit, working with STRIUM guarantees saving and satisfaction!
Wrought and specialized in the luxury market, we are experts in balancing technology, aesthetics and architecture. We meet the market’s toughest aesthetic patterns.

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Aiming for guaranteed safety, functionality and low maintenance numbers in our systems, we worry about conforming to all the national (ABNT) and international technical rules.

Was your system not installed by us?
There should be no concern, since we also normalize existing installations.

Was your system condemned?
Let us evaluate and bring a technical, refined and transparent opinion.

We focus on providing excellence to our attendance, shaping our operation not only to meet normative technical necessities, but also performance, technical support and schedule premises and peculiarities.

A company
truly made
for you!

We cater for Brazil and Latin America markets!


Project development
Technical consultancy
Infrastructure, installation and configuration
Project delivery (closedout) and training
Maintenance and management
Customer support


our market


our differences

Personalized service according to the needs of each client.

STRIUM brings comfort, serving at strategic times for each customer and agility so that the installation and operation are operational in the shortest time possible, in addition to being always online offering technical support via phone, WhatsApp, email and in person. We will assist you in all phases of your system, from project development to installation and continuous system maintenance.






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